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Giovanni’s Balls Sweet/Savory

Hmotnost Giovanni’s Balls Sweet/Savory

1500 g

Váha za jednotku Giovanni’s Balls Sweet/Savory

10 g - 12 g



Number of balls per serving: 14

Preparation of sweet balls – deep-fry fully frozen balls (can also be prepared in a pizza oven), then roll them in powdered sugar, pour hot fruit (topping) over them, add whipped cream or ice cream and serve

Preparation of salty balls – Deep-fry fully frozen balls (can also be prepared in a pizza oven), then pour over any sauce and sprinkle with cheese.

Balls can be refrigerated for 5 days after thawing (faster preparation time)

Manufacturer: KONET GASTRO s.r.o.

Ingredients: plain flour, water, yeast, salt, vegetable oil

Manufacturer: KONET Gastro s.r.o.

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