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Casseroles and Lángos - Giovanni

Our selection of quick and tasty meals is suitable for any bistro, café, or fast food establishment. Thanks to the simple preparation, you will save precious time that you can dedicate to other activities – all it takes is to warm the casseroles in the oven and you can serve them in just a few minutes. The same applies to our excellent langos which you can finish to perfection in the microwave. We offer you both meat and vegetarian versions, which are predominantly composed of high-quality local ingredients. The casseroles and langos are immediately shock-frozen after production. As a result, they retain an excellent taste and the highest quality of the individual ingredients after warming up. We are happy to deliver our entire range right to the doorstep of your restaurant and also provide you with effective promotion – join us on the journey to increase your profit and the footfall of your establishment.

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