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Hot dog

Burger & Hot dog - Giovanni

Do you like juicy, flavor-packed burgers that drip with delicious sauce when pressed? The basis of this American dish lies in properly seasoned meat, which needs to be cooked just right to prevent it from drying out and to ensure that it’s perfectly done all the way to its center. We take great pride in our selection of ingredients that make up the taste-balanced meat for the burger. Thanks to shock freezing, our products maintain a hundred percent quality even after they are baked. Their preparation is very simple and virtually anyone can handle it – just insert the fully frozen burger meat into a contact grill and wait a few minutes. You can spend this time preparing a garnish or a salad, which perfectly complements the juicy burger, creating an irresistible duo. Does your kitchen lack the necessary equipment? No problem! We are happy to offer you contact grills in several different models.

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