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Bazalka, kterou rádi dáváme do našich produktů

Add a proper slab of meat to your menu that your customer will surely not disdain. The steak meats we sell are carefully selected, and we place a great emphasis on their quality. We use only premium ingredients for seasoning to ensure that the result is impeccable and that your customers will happily return for more. Their preparation is very easy, and absolutely anyone can manage to cook them without any trouble. For their perfect grilling, either a contact grill or an ordinary frying pan will suffice. Steak meats are very quick to prepare, which is why owners of bistros, cafes, and other dining establishments like to include them in their regular offerings. Thanks to the easy preparation, your employees will have time to prepare tasty sides that, together with the steak meat, create a combination full of flavor and aroma.

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