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Treat your business to quality equipment that can help you prepare delicious meals in minutes. Save time for your employees as well as customers by baking pizza in a professional pizza oven in no time. During the pizza baking time, you can dedicate yourself to more complex tasks.

Our offered Red Fox pizza oven is made of stainless steel, which makes it a durable assistant in the kitchen. The maintenance of a stainless steel pizza oven also won’t take more time than the pizza preparation itself, which you will certainly appreciate after closing time, when it’s necessary to clean up the kitchen before another demanding day.

The professional pizza oven is equipped with a timer that safely monitors the necessary time for the perfect baking of the pizza. Thanks to the refractory bricks, in a moment, there is truly first-class radiant heat in the oven, which is essential for achieving perfectly crispy edges and the stretchy cheese on the surface of the pizza.

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